Is "weeping Eczema" a "Rare Condition"? Seems like I am not seeing much on this and I have developed it.

I developed what I found out is “weeping Eczema”. It is almost as if not many doctors even are familiar with it. I had it begin suddenly about 4 months ago. It attacked both of my lower legs just below my knees to right down at my ankles on both legs. It literally does “weep” this really horrible almost like a burning acid, either clear or a tiny bit yellowish fluid leaks from them. ONE of the spots was only about the size of a pinpoint. BUT, it leaked literally 2 gallons of fluid from it. It contanly leaked and dripped so badly, and the fluid as I said is horrible. It “ruined” my toenails where my shoes were always getting filled at its w0rst. And I didn’t realize it but ruined my fingernails. Every time I even touch to my when they are broken out, now I go at once and wash my hands with antibacterial soap and water. My nails are still trying to grow back out but it is taking months. I finally got it to dry up and almost had it all cleared up other than a very bad spot on the back to my eft thigh. It was deep. It has taken 3 or 4 months for it to finally be just about completely gone. Just 2 days ago, suddenly it began again! I have no clue why? Possibly the heat or humidity, even getting in a shower with water that is a bit too warm can cause them to break out. It is insane.

Hi Rhia, Thanks for starting this conversation about weeping eczema. The symptoms that you’re enduring sound uncomfortable, frustrating, and painful. It’s disheartening to hear that some doctors aren’t very familiar with it… have you asked your provider about ways to find relief? I’m the Community Manager for and from my observations, it is a commonly shared symptom in the community. Here is some info on weeping, or wet eczema that you might find helpful: I hope this helps and that you can find some relief soon. -Sarah

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Thank you Sarah!!! First of all, WELCOME TO THE "FAMILY! Happy you are here and I SO appreciate the information. Yes, it is sad that even a Rheumy that "teaches, does research, sees patients and is an EXCELLENT physician, was NOT as familiar with this as I thought he would be. BUT, he is more a “RA”, Lupus doctor. He has a special niche’’; which I have found through going to different Rheumatologists, many of them do just that. One may “see Lupus” patients, more than other Autoimmune issues, and they vary from one to the other. But, we see that in ALL of our Specialists now. From my Cardiologist, to my Orthopedic Surgeons, to even my eye doctors… I have 2 Orthopedic surgeons, even Pain doctors can vary so much from 1 to the other. As “patients” I feel many times WE know MORE about our symptoms, illnesses and such, than even the doctors do, things change so quickly, so the Internet HELPS us as patients in many ways. You just have to discern what sites etc. My PCP KNOWS MORE THAN SOME OF MY SPECIALISTS! He is ON TOP of so many things. He is my “go to” doctor usually 1st, BEFORE I even contact a specialist. I am extremely fortunate to have him, and I pray he stays here for a very long time. thank you again for the information and I will look into the URL you ent in your reply! Have a blessed rest f the week, be well, and stay safe! Rhia

It seems Lupus is a factor in several problems I have. Even the Anemia, joint degeneration, attacking my colon, & possibly more. Definitely some considered "Rare Disease and…or Illnesses